The Clough Foundation renewed its partnership with the Girls Academy

The Clough Foundation is pleased to announce it has renewed its partnership with the Girls Academy program in Australia.

Clough CEO and Clough Foundation Director, Peter Bennett said, “The Clough Foundation is proud to continue supporting the Girls Academy Program increasing the skills, employability, mental health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls throughout Australia, providing them with better opportunities to contribute to the social and economic outcomes of the wider community”

Girls Academy Founder and CEO, Ricky Grace said, “Leadership is crucial to the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Girls Academy program is developing the leaders of the future. That’s why we say ‘develop a girl, change a community’.

“Our focus on school attendance, study, graduation and planning for life after school continues to achieve great results, and we also have a strong focus on community engagement, giving these girls the skills and the confidence to take a leading role in society.

“Support from the business community – along with federal, state and territory governments – has made it possible for the Girls Academy to make a big difference to the lives of thousands of girls – and their families.

“The Girls Academy encourages the girls to see that they are someone important, someone talented and capable who can help themselves, and others as well. When these girls believe in themselves, they can achieve anything – and they will be the leaders of the future that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities deserve,” Ricky said.

The Girls Academy program works within the school system to drive community-led solutions aimed at reducing the barriers that prevent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls from completing their education and reaching their full potential. Academy Girls receive intensive one-on-one mentoring and support from a team of skilled field staff, 80% of whom are highly accomplished Indigenous women.

Academy girls are ready to make an economic contribution to our nation and to be part of the social change that is Closing the Gap. The Girls Academy equips girls with the tools they need to engage in their education, achieve their goals and change their communities.

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