The Clough Foundation Renewed its Partnership with ChildFund Australia

The Clough Foundation is pleased to announce it has renewed its partnership with international development organisation ChildFund Australia to improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and children in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Clough Foundation Director and Clough CEO and Managing Director Peter Bennett said, “renewing this partnership with ChildFund Australia aligns strongly with the Foundation’s aim to deliver significant and sustainable benefits to the communities where Clough people live and work.

“We are happy to see support provided by the Clough Foundation ensuring significant progress is made towards delivering these programs to impoverished children and communities in the areas of health, education, water and sanitation,” said Bennett.

Nigel Spence, CEO, ChildFund Australia said: “Working with the Clough Foundation means that more children and mothers benefit from life-saving health programs. It allows us to reach many more underserved communities in PNG, and ensure that the Children’s most basic needs are met.”

Despite its proximity to Australia, PNG continues to record some of the world’s lowest human development indicators. High infant and maternal mortality rates are due largely to low health education levels, and limited access to modern medical facilities.

Working in partnership with ChildFund Australia, the Clough Foundation supports a program to build and strengthen community-based healthcare services.

Working at grassroots levels, ChildFund trains frontline village health workers to provide basic care to children and mothers, and provide referrals to district healthcare services where additional medical interventions can be made. Healthcare staff manning these clinics also benefit from new training programs, as well as upgrades to medical equipment.

Immunisation programs implemented in partnership with PNG’s Provincial Department of Health seeks to ensure more children are protected from preventable childhood illnesses. Health education campaigns will also be conducted at village level to provide mothers and other community members with guidance on common health issues.

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