We had the opportunity to speak to our talented Proposals Coordinator, Lisa Watson, to learn more about her role at Clough and her life outside the office. Lisa works in the Perth office and is part of the Tenders team.

Read on to learn more about Lisa.

What makes you most excited about Clough’s future?

Our potential as a company. It’s incredibly exciting to see the result of a lot of hard work creating some exciting new project opportunities for Clough.

What do you like the most about your role? 

The team I work with is amazing, there’s nothing better than knowing I am part of such a hard working, supportive group. I also love the variety in my role, combined with the challenge of working to deadlines – there is never a dull moment around here!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? 

I enjoy spending time with loved ones, and photography. We live right on the beach and really love unwinding there on weekends. I’ve been lucky this year to have exhibited my landscape / seascape photography at a gallery, and recently received a high commendation for my portfolio. I’ve also branched out into lifestyle and family photography which I’m loving as well.​​

Lisa Watson Photography – Surreal Sunrise

What type/s of music do you like listening to? ​

I love such a huge variety of music, and experiencing artists I love and respect live really is something else. Some favourites are The Prodigy, Lamb, Andy C, Subfocus, Armin Van Burren, Everclear, Sarah McLeod/Superjesus and Filter. I saw Hans Zimmer live last year and would recommend his work to anyone – movie scores combined with an orchestra of rock stars, insanely impressive!

What type of movies/ TV shows do you like watching?

I love variety with movies and tv shows too – epic stories and thrillers are always my go to, as are good comedies. 

Lisa Watson Photography – Setting Moon Sunrise