Our partners 

YOUTH FOCUS - www.youthfocus.com.au
Youth Focus is a unique organisation that provides programs to assist young people suffering from depression.

The Foundation has committed to funding the delivery of the Youth Focus School Mental Health Awareness Program during the 2014/2015 financial year.

The program is aimed at raising awareness of suicide, depression and self-harm and educating young people, their families and teachers in how to detect and combat these issues.

Based on the successful program developed by the London School of Ballet, the WA Ballet Chance to Dance program introduces schools in low socio-economic areas to the magic of dance and theatre. 

It aims to encourage and inspire children to develop their physical skills, communication and self-confidence through the enriching experience of dance.


Starlight Children Foundation is committed to alleviating suffering amongst children and teens undergoing medical treatment, by providing entertainment, laughter and relief.

They understand how dispiriting the relentless cycle of sickness and hospitalization can be, and develop programs to promote positive mindsets and brighten the lives of these individuals throughout Australia.

In partnership with the Earbus Foundation, Starlight Childrens Foundation are endeavouring to reduce the incidence of ear disease throughout rural communities in WA, as well as the discomfort typically associated with it's treatment. The Clough Foundation is proudly supporting the delivery of this program, in helping to foster happier, healthier communities.

Starlight Children's Foundation

CHILDFUND AUSTRALIA - www.childfund.org.au 
ChildFund Australia works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.

The Clough Foundation’s supports Childfund programs aimed at improving the health of children and mothers in Papua New Guinea including maternal and child health care, health clinic upgrades and immunisation patrols to remote regions of the Rigo District.

CLONTARF -www.clontarf.org.au
The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society.

The vehicle for achieving this outcome is Australian Rules and/or Rugby League. The Foundation uses the existing passion that Aboriginal boys have for football to attract them into school and keep them there. The programs are delivered through a network of football academies established in partnership with local schools. Any Aboriginal male enrolled at the school is eligible to participate in the Clontarf Academy.


The Girls Academy Program works within the school system to drive community-led solutions aimed at reducing the barriers that prevent Indigenous girls from completing their education and reaching their full potential. Our mission put simply is to “Develop a Girl - Change a Community”.

Australian Indigenous girls face some of the greatest social disadvantage of our nation’s population. In every social measure, Australian Indigenous Girls trail their non-Indigenous peers in health, education, employment opportunities, earning capacity and life span.

As the future mothers and leaders of the Indigenous community, strong and educated young women are critical to closing the unacceptable gap that exists between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. RMLA Academy girls have the potential to be powerful catalysts for change in their communities, and we believe that education is the key to bringing about this change. The Girls Academy equips Indigenous girls with the tools required to engage in their education, achieve their goals and change their communities.



If you'd like to become a partner, please complete the Clough Foundation application form and email it to Corporate Affairs.